Thursday , 23 September 2021
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Balkh Province

The people of Ilabad village in Balkh Province, Afghanistan had to walk miles away in order to get clean drinking. AAHP-UK funded a well, which was dug in June 2013 at Ilabad village.

AAHP-UK would like to thank all those people who generously donated to AAHP-UK “Clean Drinking Water Project”. As a result of your donations we were able to provide clean drinking water to the rural area of Balkh in Afghanistan. Dr Rahimullah one of the local doctor in Mazari-Sherif says “the poor people of Ilabad, Balkh province have benefited immensely from the well, especially in Ramadhan when they previously needed to walk for miles before getting drinking water”.

We specifically wish to thank Ms Farida Stanikzai and Dr Rahimullah who helped the project immensely.

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