Friday , 3 December 2021
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The Academic Diaspora Conference, London

Health plays a vital role in sustainable development.
Enayatullah Modasser, the Chairperson and Shafiullah Wardak the Vice-chair represented the Association of Afghan Healthcare professionals (AAHP-UK) during the Annual Afghan Academic Diaspora conference in London. During this successful conference intellectual and highly skilled Afghan scholars presented their research papers on the important role of diasporas engagement in sustainable development.
Enayat Modasser presented a global context on the role of healthcare diasporas that they can contribute their knowledge and skills in health sector development in their country of origin. He highlighted that our health association is proactively engaged with health institutions in Afghanistan and provides technical support to the Ministry of Health and Afghan Medical Council both in clinical and policy development areas. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demonstrate the important linkage between health and development; So, using health diaspora’s potential skills can be one way to contribute to our country’s pressing health priorities.
The conference’s stakeholders agreed to form a technical committee to take forward health along with higher education and economic as three important advocacy topics to the UK parliament and other academic institutions. AAHP-UK showed its willingness to be part of this lobby group to present health sector at national and international conferences for creating a framework for diaspora engagement and to facilitate transfer of resources and knowledge sharing.

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