Thursday , 23 September 2021
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Orphan Sponsorship Scheme

The number of young children being orphaned in a war-torn country such as Afghanistan is increasing: families torn apart through war, poverty, hunger and disease. Exploitation and abuse are rife. The world sees the problem in its vastness. We see Afghan children, each being denied a future with opportunities.

By donating £1 a day (£30 a month) you can sponsor an orphan and help lift her/him out of the vicious spiral of misery and return his childhood to him.

AAHP-UK is able to facilitate and introduce you to an orphan and his/ her family in Afghanistan.

So far more than 10 orphans have been sponsored by generous individuals such you via this scheme.

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Association of Afghan Healthcare Professionals-UK is Non Governmental organisation, Registered charity no. 1150024